Under the guidance of a local Pulmonologist, Twilight Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation has a dedicated Ventilator Unit to care and support those residents who need respiratory assistance.

With the latest equipment and 24/7 Respiratory Therapists in-house, residents on our vent program are always safe and well cared for. Some residents will only need temporary ventilator services, and with our on-going care and support we are able to successfully wean and transition residents either back home or to a lower lever of care. Others however may be on a ventilator for the rest of their lives and we are able to manage their care and needs while still making sure they have the best quality of life possible. Twilight Gardens philosophy is that no matter what the situation, life can be enjoyable, active, and happy with the support of the right team. The "right team" is not only our excellent staff, but your family as well. Our program is designed to include and support both the residents and their families.

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